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Cécile Delacour

I am a physicist, working at Institut Néel (Grenoble, France), a CNRS laboratory, associated with Grenoble Alpes University UGA . The Institut Néel is devoted to fundamental research in condensed matter physics, enriched by interdisciplinary activities at the interfaces with chemistry, engineering and biology. In this laboratory, I work in the research group Thermodynamics & Biophysics of small systems.

My interest mostly focuses on the electrical activity and organization of excitable cells and in particular neurons! At the interface between nano and neurosciences, these projects are highly intersiciplinary, involving micro and nanofabrication, ultra-hight sensitive instrumentation, signal processing, chemistry, and cellular biology.

ORCID number 0000-0003-4506-2849

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postal adress :
Cécile Delacour
Institut Néel, CNRS UPR2940
25 rue des Martyrs BP 166
38042 Grenoble cedex 9

phone: +33 476 889 094

mail: prenom.nom@neel.cnrs.fr