Jochen Fick

Chercheur CNRS / Senior Scientist

Equippe / Team : NOF

Nano-Optics et Forces / Nano-Optics and Forces

Département / Department : PLUM

Physique Lumière Matière/ Physics Light Matter

Fresnel Fiber Optica Tweezers

  • 3D printed Fresnel lenses
  • Very efficient trapping (Pmin = 200 µW)
  • Large fiber-to-fiber distance (d = 200 µm)

  • Polarization resolved spectroscopy on trappen NaYF4:Eu3+ nanorods

  • Stable optical trapping
  • Determination of σ and π orientation of selected electric and magnetic dipole transitions
  • Determination of nanorod orientation by spectroscopic means only

  • Spectroscopy of trappen NaYF4:Er3+ nanorods

  • Trapping with fiber tips
  • Emission specroscopy in 3 orthogonal directions
  • Emission recording with spatial resulution