Nedjma Bendiab

Nedjma Bendiab

I am an Associate Professor at Université Grenoble Alpes and Institut Néel.
Adresse : Institut Néel, 25 rue des Martyrs, BP 166, 38402 Grenoble cedex 09, France.
Téléphone : (+33/0) 4 56 38 70 74.

Research topics:

My main research interests focus on the properties of low dimensional sp2 carbon systems such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphite, graphene and more recently on dichalcogenides properties (MoS2, h-BN, WSe2, TaS2, ..ect).
Those materials have remarkable structural, vibrational, electronic and mechanical.
My experimental skills that I use to understand their properties include Raman spectroscopy, inelastic x-ray scattering, and neutron and X-ray diffraction. I also have growth CVD skills (PECVD of carbon nanotubes, synthesis under pressure of new nanomaterials) and electrical conductivity measurements. In addition to all these experimental tools, ab initio calculations in collaboration with theoreticians are elaborate to understand the physical properties of the most promising compounds.

I thus worked on:
• Optical phonons and structural properties of carbon nanotubes
• the durability of the pressurized carbon nanotube structure.
• Superconductivity of in intercalated graphite compounds.
• Optimization and growth CVD mechanisms of carbon nanotubes and graphene.
• Opto-mechanical properties of an adjustable optical cavity based on multilayer graphene and its use as a platform for hybrid systems (single molecule detection)
• Optoelectronic properties of an hybrid carbon nanotube device which was possible by the development of an optical cryostat allowing optical phonons and transport measurement down to 4K.
Probing low dimensional systems optically

Publications and scientific output

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National and international conferences

Recent invited conferences:
“Unravelling the properties of graphene and nanotubes with Raman spectroscopy », ETSF, Workshop 2011, Torrino, October, 2011.
« Time- and space-modulated Raman signals in graphene-based optical cavities », Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium, Madrid, November 2013.
« Phonons in low dimensional sp2 carbon systems », EMN-Quantum conference, Pekin, April 2015
« Phonons in 1D and 2D carbon systems: From fundamental issues to optomechanics and optoelectronics applications », seminar at Cambridge graphene center, May 2015.
« Phonons in low dimensional sp2 carbon systems : from pristine to light effect », IWEPNM, Kirchberg (Austria), Février 2016.
« Phonons in low dimensional sp2 carbon systems : substrate effect », Nano-TN, Marrakech, Février 2016.

Recent Conferences and seminars (national and international):

-     “Low molecular density of single molecular magnet grafted on graphene and nanotubes”, Séminaire IMPMC, Paris 6, 2011
-    “Graphene based devices: from molecular grafting to optomechanical systems” , Discussions Lavoisier, Mulhouse, October 2011.
-    “Unravelling the properties of graphene and nanotubes with Raman spectroscopy”, Discussions Lavoisier Grenoble, December, 2011
-    “Le carbone dans tous ces états: du cristal tridimensionnel au nano-objet individual: un exemple de nanoscience”,  Lycée de la Grande Motte, Montpellier, Juin 2013.
-    « Time- and space-modulated Raman signals in graphene-based optical cavities », Seminaire MCBT, Grenoble », Janvier 2014.
-    « Strain supperlatices and macroscale suspension of graphene induced by corrugated substrates », graphene week, Gothenburg Sweden, June 2014.
-    « Strain supperlatices and macroscale suspension of graphene induced by corrugated substrates », MRS- Spring, San Francisco USA,  April 2014.
-    « Raman spectroscopy as a probe of motion and stress in suspended graphene-based systems », JMC, Paris, Aout 2014
-    “Phonons in low dimensional sp2 carbon systems”, Séminaire à l’Université Montpellier II, Janvier 2015
-    “Phonons in low dimensional sp2 carbon systems”, Séminaire département Nano, Institut Néel, Novembre 2014

Yani Chen (2013-2016): "Hybrid based devices: functionalization of nanotube and graphene devices with active molecules"
Cornelia Schwarz (2013-2016): "Optomechanical, Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Suspended Graphene Membranes"
Kalita Dipankar (2012-2015): "Macroscale CVD: From control and understanding of atomic scale defect to production of macroscale functional devices."
Antoine Reserbat-Plantey( 2009-2012): "Nanosystèmes graphitiques : cavités optiques ajustables et détection spectrale des contraintes dans un nanorésonateur mécanique"
Scientific responsibilities, collaborations and influence
2012-2016: Scientific responsible for ANR TRICO project, starting on: 1/01/2012. This project focuses on "Control Collapse Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes: physical properties and industrial challenges" including the participation of Arkema France.
2011-2014: Scientific responsible for the project: « Hybrid molecular transistors: study of their optoelectronic properties » financed by the Rhône-Alpes region in the context of the call for proposals Cible 2010.

Projet ANRS collaboratifs en cours:

Cleangraph (2013-2016): Project on « Development of innovative plasma processes for cleaning, etching and doping of CVD Graphene »
DIRACFORMAG (2014-2017): Project on « Dirac Fermions Orbital Magnetism » my contribution in this project is limited to the characterization of samples.
2D transformers (2015-2019): Project on « Two-dimensional Phase Transformation Materials », my contribution is important, I'll ride a Raman UHV to track in situ 2D material phase transformations.
Organi’so (2015-2018): Project on “Two-dimensional ORGANIc crystals with high Spin-Orbit interaction” my contribution in this project is limited to the characterization of samples.
NC2 (2015-2019): Project on “Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Carbon Nanotubes ”, my contribution concerns the measurement of optical phonons of carbon nanotubes on one hand and on the other on the observation and the understanding of electron-phonon coupling, phonon-phonon interactions in these systems.
J2D (2015-2019): Project on « Atomically sharp junctions based on stacked 2D materials: new building blocks for electronics », my contribution is focused on in situ monitoring via optical spectroscopy and Raman operation of a p-n junction in lateral and vertical 2D systems.

Other Collaborations
-    Collaboration avec J .Dijon dans le cadre d’un projet européen Viacarbon (ICT-2007.8.1) pour la comprehension de la croissance des nanotubes
-    Collaborations with theoretician experts on vibrational and electronic properties of carbon systems: Mr Marco Saitta and Michele Lazzeri (IMPMC, Paris) (see ANR projects in progress)
-    Collaboration with M. Carrière on the toxicity of nanotubes and their impact on the ecosystem (see publication section).
-    Collaboration with C. Busse on the intercalated graphene (see publication section).
-    Collaboration with J. Chaste (LPN) on the thermal properties of graphene (ANR project “Phonons 2D” under evaluation)

Other Responsibilities:

- 2009-2012: Responsible for "mechanical" platform for the capes Physique/chimie of UJF.
- 2011-2012: EU responsible in "electromagnetism and special relativity" Fundamental Physics in L3.
-   Union representative at the CTP at Joseph Fourier University between 2009- 2010.
-   Elected for associate professor in the physics department board between 2009-2011.
-   Elected for associate professor in the Board of Directors of UJF between 2012-2016.
-   Elected deputy to the 28th section CNU in 2011-2012.
-   Member of the Association Women in Science and involved in the European project "Diversity".
-   Examiner for “concours aux grandes écoles” for TIPE test (on 2008 and 2011)
- 2015-2016: Co-director of Master IMN 'Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies Specialization Engineering Micro and Nanostructures "
- 2016-2020: Elected for the Associate Professor college in the scintific concil of Grenoble Alpes University.
-  Organizing Member for GDRI nanotubes that held in Autrans in October 2009.
- Organization and implementation of practical works in graphene Raman spectroscopy for "Graphene International Summer School" school in October 2010 in Cargèse, France.
- Scientific activities in the framework of the celebration of science: setting up an exhibition on "atmospheric halos" with experiments. Implementation of optical workshops throughout the year at school destinations …
- Referee for international journals (ACS nano, Physical review B, Nanoletters, 2DMaterials, Diamond, …)
- Organizing Member for GDRI nanotubes that held in Aussois in novembre 2015.