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To choose the Journals where we submit our manuscripts, we adopted the 3 following guidelines :

  • Firstly, we restrict ourselves to journals with a copyright transfer agreement classified in the category "Green" (can archive pre-print and post-print) by the Sherpa - Romeo project. We indeed consider that public-funded research results should remain freely and easily accessible to the public. Our manuscripts are downloadable from open-archives (arXiv and/or HAL).

  • Secondly, we favour journals belonging to non-profit Scientific Societies (EPS, IOP, APS, AIP, ...) rather than journals of profit-driven editors (Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer/Springer, Thomson Scientific, Nature Publishing Group , Taylor and Francis...) or private ones (JFM,...). The difference in pricing between these 2 sets of publications in one reason, support to scientific societies is another. (here are other reasons)

  • Thirdly, we favour journals with a large diffusion but avoid those with a position of quasi-monopoly. We believe that monopolies or quasi-monopolies, such as the present situation in Physics in the Letter category, is dangerous because of the bias it inevitably sets biases across scientific communities.



Superfluid hydrodynamics and Quantum turbulence


Disproportionate entrance length in superfluid flows and the puzzle of counterflow instabilities
J. Bertolaccini, E. Lévêque and P.-E. Roche.
PRF 2:123902 (2017)
download - Link to Publisher - arxiv:1709.10318

Intermittency of quantum turbulence with superfluid fractions from 0% to 96%
E. Rusaouen , B. Chabaud , J. Salort and P.-E. Roche.
Phys. Fluids 29:105108 (2017)
download - Link to Publisher - arxiv:1709.10318

Detection of vortex coherent structures in superfluid turbulence
E. Rusaouen , B. Rousset and P.-E. Roche.
EPL 118:14005 (2017)
download - hal-01528347v2 - Link to Publisher

Superfluid High REynolds von Kármán experiment (SHREK)
B Rousset et al.
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85:103908 (2014)
hal-01113305v1 - download - Link to Publisher

Effective viscosity in quantum turbulence: A steady-state approach
Babuin S., Varga E., Skrbek L., Lévêque E. and Roche P.-E.
EPL 106:24006 (2014)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00984313

Experimental, numerical and analytical velocity spectra in turbulent quantum fluid
Barenghi C., L'vov V. and Roche P.-E.
PNAS111(Supplement 1):4683-4690 (2014)
download - Link to Publisher

Energy cascade and the four-fifths law in superfluid turbulence
Salort J. , Chabaud, B., Lévêque, E. and Roche P.-E.
EPL 97:34006 (2012)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00635578 - arxiv:1202.0710

Mesoscale Equipartition of kinetic energy in Quantum Turbulence
Salort J. , Roche P.-E. and Lévêque, E.
EPL 94:24001 (2011)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00586900 - arxiv:1202.0579

Turbulent velocity spectra in superfluid flows
Salort, J. , Baudet, C., Castaing, B., Chabaud, B., Daviaud, F., Didelot, T., Diribarne, P., Dubrulle, B., Gagne, Y., Gauthier, F., Girard, A., Hébral, B., Rousset, B., Thibault, P. and Roche, P.-E.
Phys. Fluids 22:125102 (2010)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00508872 - arxiv:1202.0643

Quantum turbulence at finite temperature: the two-fluids cascade
Roche P.-E., Barenghi C. and Lévêque, E.
EPL 87:54006 (2009)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00384944 - arXiv:0905.2754

Vortex spectrum in superfluid turbulence: interpretation of a recent experiment.
Roche P.-E. & Barenghi C.
EPL 81:36002 (2008)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00169495 - arXiv:0709.0368

Vortex density spectrum of quantum turbulence.
Roche P.-E., Diribarne P., Didelot T., Francais O., Rousseau L. & Willaime H.
EPL 77: 66002 (2007)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00122996 - arXiv:cond-mat/0701136



Rayleigh-Bénard and Natural convection


On the triggering of the Ultimate Regime of convection.
Roche P.-E., Gauthier, F., Kaiser, R. and Salort, J.
NJP 12:085014 (2010)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00499652 - arxiv:1202.0661

Transition on local temperature fluctuations in highly turbulent convection
Gauthier F., Salort, J., Bourgeois O., Garden J.-L., Du Puits R., Thess A. and Roche P.-E.
EPL 87:4406 (2009)
download - Link to Publisher

Evidence of a boundary layer instability at very high Rayleigh number.
Gauthier F. and Roche P.-E.
EPL 83:24005 (2008)
download - Link to Publisher - arXiv:0801.4830
To complete this paper, a model for the shot noise induced by thermal plumes is presented in : hal-00227535

Applicability of Boussinesq approximation in a turbulent fluid with constant properties
Roche P.-E.
hal-00180267 - arXiv:0710.3497

Comment on "Turbulent heat transport near critical points: Non-Boussinesq effects"
Chavanne X., Roche P.-E., Chabaud B., Hébral B., Chillà F. and Castaing B.
hal-00020417 - arXiv:cond-mat/0603262

Ultimate Regime of Convection: robustness to poor thermal reservoirs.
Roche P.-E., Gauthier F., Chabaud B. and Hébral B.
Phys.Fluids 17: 115107 (2005)
download - Link to Publisher - hal-00004093 - arXiv:cond-mat/0501745

Heat transfer in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection below the ultimate regime.
Roche, P.-E., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud and B. Hébral.
J. Low Temp. Phys. 134(5/6): 1011-1042 (2004)
download - Link to Publisher

Prandtl and Rayleigh numbers dependences in Rayleigh Bénard convection.
Roche, P.-E., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud and B. Hébral.
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 58(5): 693-698 (2002)

Observation of the 1/2 power law in Rayleigh-Bénard convection.
Roche, P.-E., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud and B. Hébral
Physical Review E 63 045303 (R) (2001)

Side wall effects in Rayleigh Bénard experiments.
Roche, P.-E., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, B. Hébral and J. Sommeria
European Physical Journal B 24(3): 405-408 (2001)
download - Link to Publisher

Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection in gaseous and liquid He.
Chavanne, X., F. Chillà, B. Chabaud, B. Castaing and B. Hébral
Physics of Fluids 13(5): 1300-1320 (2001)

Rayleigh-Bénard convection at very high Rayleigh numbers close to the He-4 critical point.
Chavanne, X., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, F. Chillà and B. Hébral
Cryogenics 38(12): 1191-1198 (1998)

Observation of the ultimate regime in Rayleigh-Bénard convection.
Chavanne, X., F. Chillà, B. Castaing, B. Hébral, B. Chabaud and J. Chaussy
Physical Review Letters 79(19): 3648-3651 (1997)

High Rayleigh number convection with gaseous helium at low temperature.
Chavanne, X., F. Chillà, B. Chabaud, B. Castaing, J. Chaussy and B. Hébral
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 104(1-2): 109-129 (1996)

Thermal convection with gaseous helium at low temperature.
Chavanne, X., F. Chillà, B. Chabaud, B. Castaing, J. Chaussy and B. Hébral (1996).
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 46: 91-92.



Navier-Stokes Turbulence


Investigation of the small-scale statistics of turbulence in the Modane S1MA wind tunnel
Bourgoin M. et al.
CEAS Aeronautical Journal DOI 10.1007/s13272-017-0254-3 (2017)

Universality of small scale turbulence.
Renner C., Peinke J., Chanal, O., Chabaud B.
Physical Review Letter 89(12): 124502 (2002)

A statistical estimator of turbulence intermittency in physical and numerical experiments.
Malecot, Y., C. Auriault, H. Kahalerras, Y. Gagne, O. Chanal, B. Chabaud and B. Castaing
European Physical Journal B 16(3): 549-561 (2000)

Intermittency in a turbulent low temperature gaseous helium jet.
Chanal, O., B. Chabaud, B. Castaing and B. Hébral
European Physical Journal B 17(2): 309-317 (2000)

Conditional statistics of velocity fluctuations in turbulence.
Naert, A., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, B. Hébral and J. Peinke
Physica D 113(1): 73-78 (1998)

Intermittency and Reynolds number.
Kahalerras, H., Y. Malecot, Y. Gagne and B. Castaing
Physics of Fluids 10(4): 910-921 (1998)

Structure functions in turbulence, in various flow configurations, at Reynolds number between 30 and 5000, using extended self-similarity.
Arneodo, A., C. Baudet, F. Belin, R. Benzi, B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, R. Chavarria, S. Ciliberto, R. Camussi, F. Chillà, B. Dubrulle, Y. Gagne, B. Hébral, J. Herweijer, M. Marchand, J. Maurer, J. F. Muzy, A. Naert, A. Noullez, J. Peinke, F. Roux, P. Tabeling, W. vandeWater and H. Willaime
Europhysics Letters 34(6): 411-416 (1996)

Multiplicative process in turbulent velocity statistics: A simplified analysis.
Chillà, F., J. Peinke and B. Castaing (1996).
Journal De Physique II 6(4): 455-460.

The temperature of turbulent flows.
Castaing, B. (1996).
Journal De Physique II 6(1): 105-114.

Fully-Developed Turbulence - a Unifying Point-of-View.
Castaing, B. and B. Dubrulle (1995).
Journal De Physique II 5(7): 895-899.

On a Fractal and an Experimental Approach to Turbulence.
Peinke, J., B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, F. Chillà, B. Hébral and A. Naert (1994).
Fractals in the Natural and Applied Sciences. Amsterdam, Elsevier Science Publ B V. 41: 295-304.

On the Relation between Statistics of Scalar and Velocity Fluctuations in Developed Turbulence.
Peinke, J. and B. Castaing (1994).
Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung Section a-a Journal of Physical Sciences 49(9): 831-834.

Velocity Intermittency in Turbulence - How to Objectively Characterize It.
Naert, A., L. Puech, B. Chabaud, J. Peinke, B. Castaing and B. Hébral (1994).
Journal De Physique II 4(2): 215-224.

Conditional Velocity Pdf in 3-D Turbulence.
Gagne, Y., M. Marchand and B. Castaing (1994).
Journal De Physique II 4(1): 1-8.

Transition toward Developed Turbulence.
Chabaud, B., A. Naert, J. Peinke, F. Chillà, B. Castaing and B. Hébral (1994).
Physical Review Letters 73(24): 3227-3230.

Scalar Intermittency in the Variational Theory of Turbulence.
Castaing, B. (1994).
Physica D 73(1-2): 31-37.

Velocity Probability Density-Functions in Developed Turbulence - a Finite Reynolds Theory.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud, B. Hébral, A. Naert and J. Peinke (1994).
Physica B 194: 695-696.

A New Representation of Energy-Spectra in Fully-Developed Turbulence.
Gagne, Y., M. Marchand and B. Castaing (1993).
Applied Scientific Research 51(1-2): 99-103.

Pressure-Fluctuations in Swirling Turbulent Flows.
Fauve, S., C. Laroche and B. Castaing (1993).
Journal De Physique II 3(3): 271-278.

Log-Similarity for Turbulent Flows.
Castaing, B., Y. Gagne and M. Marchand (1993).
Physica D 68(3-4): 387-400.

Inertial and Dissipative Range Intermittency at High Reynolds- Numbers.
Castaing, B. and Y. Gagne (1993).
Physica Scripta T49A: 74-76.

A Universal Representation without Global Scaling Invariance of Energy-Spectra in Developed Turbulence.
Gagne, Y. and B. Castaing (1991).
Comptes Rendus De L Academie Des Sciences Serie Ii 312(5): 441-445.

Velocity Probability Density-Functions of High Reynolds-Number Turbulence.
Castaing, B., Y. Gagne and E. J. Hopfinger (1990).
Physica D 46(2): 177-200.

Scaling of Turbulent Spectra.
Castaing, B. (1990).
Physical Review Letters 65(25): 3209-3209.

Consequences of an Extremum Principle in Turbulence.
Castaing, B. (1989).
Journal De Physique 50(2): 147-156.

On the Shape of Histograms in Turbulence.
Castaing, B. (1989).
Comptes Rendus De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie Ii 309(6): 503-506.



Instrumentation and Cryogenics


Joint temperature and velocity local sensor for turbulent flows
J. Salort, E. Rusaouën, L. Robert, R. du Puits, A. Loesch, O. Pirotte, P.-E. Roche, B. Castaing, and F. Chillà
to appear in Rev Sci Instrum (2017 2018 ?)
Hot-wire anemometry for superfluid turbulent coflows
Duri D., Baudet C., Moro J.-P., Roche P.-E. and Diribarne P.
Rev Sci Instrum 86 025007 (2015)
download - link to publisher

Cantilever Anemometer Based on a Superconducting Micro-resonator: Application to Superfluid Turbulence
Salort J. , Monfardini A. and Roche P.-E.
Rev Sci Instrum 83 125002 (2012)
download - link to publisher - hal-00796196

Superconducting instrumentation for high Reynolds turbulence experiments with low temperature gaseous helium.
S. Pietropinto S., C. Poulain C., C. Baudet C., B. Castaing B., B. Chabaud B., Y. Gagne Y., B. Hébral B., Ladam Y., Lebrun P., Pirotte O. and Roche P.-E.
Physica C: Superconductivity 386: 512-516 (2003)

Micronic-size cryogenic thermometer for turbulence measurements.
Chanal, O., B. Baguenard, O. Bethoux and B. Chabaud
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 68(6): 2442-2446 (1997)
download - link to publisher

Anemometry in Gaseous He-4 around 4-K.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud, F. Chillà, B. Hébral, A. Naert and J. Peinke
Journal De Physique III 4(4): 671-674 (1994)

Turbulence at Helium Temperature - Velocity-Measurements.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud, B. Hébral, A. Naert and J. Peinke
Physica B 194: 697-698 (1994)

A Hot-Wire Anemometer for Cryogenic Hydrodynamic Experiments.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud, B. Hébral and J. Peinke
Applied Scientific Research 51(1-2): 143-148 (1993)

Hot-Wire Anemometer Operating at Cryogenic Temperatures.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud and B. Hébral
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63(9): 4167-4173 (1992)
download - link to publisher

A Hot-Wire Anemometer for Cryogenic Hydrodynamic Experiments.
Castaing, B., B. Chabaud, B. Hébral and J. Peinke
Cryogenics 32: 545-548 (1992)



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