Dr. Régis Mélin

Senior Research Scientist (Directeur de Recherches) – CNRS

Groupe Théorie et Nanosciences

Institut Néel, CNRS-UGA

25 Avenue des Martyrs

38042 Grenoble


Tél: From abroad: +33 4 76 88 11 88 From France: 04 76 88 11 88

Curriculum Vitae

A seminar on Nonlocal Transport and Quartets

A one-hour seminar on Floquet-Wannier-Stark ladders as a nonequilibrium generalization of Andreev bound states

An half-hour talk on engineering the Floquet spectrum of a multiterminal superconducting quantum dot

Previous Master Students / PhD Students / Post Docs

Together with Alain Joye (Institut Fourier, Grenoble), I am organizing the

Grenoble physics-math interface

Recently, one of my papers was selected as a Physical Review Editors' suggestion : Engineering the Floquet spectrum of superconducting multiterminal quantum dots, Régis Mélin, Romain Danneau, Kang Yang, Jean-Guy Caputo, Benoît Doucot, Phys. Rev. B 100, 035450 (2019).

Since 2001, I have indeed been working on a single physical question : understanding the structure of transmission modes through a superconductor. My theoretical work is strongly related to experiments being realized either in Grenoble or at the international level. Recently, I had collaboration with the group of Moty Heiblum at the Weizmann Institute. Currently, I am working with the group of Philip Kim at Harvard University, and with the group of Romain Danneau in Karlsruhe.

In addition to being strongly involved in these research programs during the week, I practise summer and winter hikking during the week-end with the Club Alpin Français Grenoble Isère.

Picture taken on November 1rst 2019 in the island of Tenerife, on the way down from the summit of Teide (3725 meters above see level)

Picture taken in September 2018 at altitude 3000 meters above sea level, at a place close to the French-Italian border in Queyras (French Alps).

Picture taken in February 2018 at temperature between -5 and -15 degrees centigrade, at a place located exactly at the French-Italian border, not far from Queyras and « Col de l’Izoard » (French Alps).