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                Quantum coherence group

                CNRS-Néel Institut  

                25 rue des Martyrs

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My research interests are focused on the coherence of quantum systems and quantum computing.


My PhD was carried out in CQED group of Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in Département de Physique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris under the supervision of Jean-Michel Raimond and Serge Haroche. We demonstrate the manipulation of a “mesoscopic” electromagnetic field containing up to 40 photons with a single atom. Thereby, we create Schroedinger cat states of two electromagnetic fields with same amplitude but different phases and prove the mesoscopic quantum coherence.


I realized a three year post doc in the Spin Qubit team at Quantum Transport of TU Delft (the Netherlands). I was still investigating quantum coherence properties but in a mesoscopic system:  electron spins in lateral quantum dots. We pinpoint the impact of phonons in spin qubit relaxation and we worked on the realization of first quantum gates with spin qubits.


I am currently a permanent CNRS researcher at Néel Institute in Grenoble. My main project will be to study the coherent transport of electron spins in nanostructures. Recently, a first step towards this important goal has been accomplished: the on-demand transport of a single electron between distant quantum dots. 


I am also investigating large spin-orbit HgTe materials. The first goal is to develop expertise to use spin-orbit interaction to manipulate coherently the spin of the electron. The second goal is to realize 3D topological insulators and to develop a possible platform for topological quantum computing.


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