Directeur de Recherches au CNRS,

Département Nanosciences, Institut Néel, CNRS-Grenoble

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ORCID ID  0000-0002-9818-8181


Research topics: Biomedical applications of Carbon Nanostructures              

Optical and Electronic properties of Carbon nanostructures and 2D materials.

Research Activities

His research interests are at the interface between material sciences, molecular electronics, mesoscopic physics and superconductivity.  His group is using sub-Kelvin cryogenic systems to probe quantum electron transport in nanodevices that are mostly composed of carbon nanostructures, molecules and metallic superconductors. His interest in growing carbon nanostructures led him to explore recently new applications paths such as nanomechanical properties and biological applications of graphene.

Current Projects:

Medical Applications of Graphene

Scanning probe Lithography of Nanoscale Devices

Growth and Transfer of Graphene for Applications

Synthesis and Applications of Atomically-thin Membranes

Proximity Superconductivity in Graphene

Electron Transport in Van der Waals Heterostructures



Vincent Bouchiat joined CNRS-Grenoble in 2001. He received an engineer degree from ESPCI in 1993 and a Master Degree from the University of  Paris, Pierre & Marie Curie in 1993. After completing his Ph.D. at Quantronics group in CEA-Saclay in 1997 under supervision of Michel Devoret and Daniel Estève, he got CNRS position the same year at University of Marseilles.  

He received the Visiting Miller Professorship Award from University of California, Berkeley in 2007, the Lee Hsun Research Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017) and was a member of the selection panel committee of the Canadian Research Agency NSERC. He is currently the co-founder of the startup GRAPHEAL focussing on healthcare applications of graphene.