Institut NEEL is a laboratory for fundamental research in condensed matter physics, enriched by interdisciplinary activities at the interfaces with chemistry, engineering and biology. To know more, please visit the laboratory website .

I am part of the Nanophysics and Semiconductor team at Néel Institute . I joined the team in 2015.

The team is not only one of the research team at Néel Institute, but it is also a joint research group between Néel Institute-CNRS and IRIG-CEA.

NPSC mainly focuses on fundamental research in nanoscience, exploring new physical phenomena, and sometimes their potential applications, related to quantum confinement in low-dimensional II-VI and III-V semiconductor heterostructures. These studies rely on research activities dedicated both to the fabrication and to the physical studies of high-quality samples. The expertise of the team is based on arsenide, nitride, selenide and telluride compounds, using advanced epitaxial techniques (MBE, metal organic chemical vapor deposition MOCVD), technological processing, structural characterization, as well as state-of-the-art optical spectroscopy setups. The activity is also supported by theoretical developments in quantum mechanics.
I supervise currently 3 students:

- Raphaël Rousset Zenou (PhD student 2022-2025), co-superviser Jesper Nygard from Niels Bohr institute (DK)
- Danylo Mosiiets (PhD student 2022-2025), co-supervisor Edith Bellet-Amalric from CEA-IRIG-PHELIQS (FR)
- Zeinab Issa (M2 student 2023)

My former PhD sutdent/postocs are:

- An-Hsi Chen (PhD student 2019-2022) now postdoc at Oak Ridge National Labs (USA)
- Ali Jaffal (postdoc 2020-2021) now at Yole Intelligence (FR) 
- Daria Beznasyuk (PhD student 2015-2018), co-supervisor Julien Claudon from CEA-IRIG-PHELIQS (FR),  now postdoc at Niels Bohr Institute (DK)

My former master/undergraduate students are:

- Yassine Oubaid, M2 Nanoscience Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Growth of InAs/ZnTe core-shell nanowires 202
- David Zapata, M1 University of Pittsburgh, USA, In-situ TEM growth of InAs/GaAs axial nanowires 2022
- An-Hsi Chen, M2 Nanophysics UGA, Growth and structural characterizations of hybrid nanowires 2019
- Sergi Cuesta, M2 Nanophysics UGA (co-supervision with E. Monroy, IRIG CEA Grenoble), Semiconducting nanowire photodetectors 2019 (now PhD student at CEA-IRIG)
- Anna Park, M1 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA TEM and XRD studies of Sn/InAs thin films and nanowires 2019
- Cristina Mier Gonzales, M2 Nanophysics UGA, Growth of Nb/InAs core-shell nanowires 2018 (now PhD student at CFM, San Sebastian, Spain)
- Saranath Seshradi, M2 Erasmus Mundus, GaAs/InGaAs heterostructure nanowires 2018 (now PhD student at LiPhy, Saint Martin d’Hères)
- Brian McMinn, M1 University of Pittsburgh, USA, Fabrication of Nb/InAs nanowire devices 2018
The team in 2019: Jane, Anna me and Sergi