Dr. Serge Florens

Address: Institut Néel (CNRS/ UGA)
25, avenue des Martyrs
BP 166
38042 Grenoble Cedex 9
Office: Room M208
Phone number: +33 - 4 - 7688 - 7454
Email: serge(dot)florens(at)grenoble(dot)cnrs(dot)fr

Brief vita

2018: CNRS Research Director
2017: Habilitation of the Université Grenoble-Alpes
2006: Permanent researcher at Néel Institute
2003: PhD from LPT-ENS and Université Pierre et Marie Curie
1996: Admission at ENS-Ulm, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris

Research interests

I am part of the team Theory of Quantum Circuits, in the department QUEST
("Quantum Electronics, Surfaces and spinTronics") of the Neel Institute at CNRS
in Grenoble.

My personal research concerns the theory of electronic transport in nanostructures
in which quantum effects involving non-linearities, local magnetism, superconductivity,
or wavelike behavior play a prominent role. I also hold a keen interest for strongly
correlated systems in condensed matter, and have been recently involved into
many-body quantum optics in the context of circuit-QED.

Check out the general activities of the joint Neel Theory Group, which encompasses
all the theory teams in our lab, as well as our Twitter account for the latest news and
daily life at NEEL.


Preprints on cond-mat

Curiculum Vitae

C.V. in English

Supervised and co-supervised theses

Manuscripts are available here

Weekly Theoretical-Condensed-Matter-Physics Seminar in Grenoble

The seminar usually takes place on Friday at 11AM in the main amphitheatre
of the "Maison des Magistères". Once a month we organize a CPTG Colloquium
aiming at a broader audience. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to
present your work or to propose some external speakers.

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