Seminars on superconducting quantum circuits:

Quantum optics in an universe with large fine structure constant (QuantumOptics.pdf)

Microscopic structure of entanglement in the many-body environment of a qubit (Antipolaron.pdf)

Seminars on the quantum Hall effect:

Percolation physics from local spectroscopies and transport (Percolation.pdf)

Local density of states in disordered 2DEG at high magnetic fields (LDoS.pdf)

Local perspectives on disordered 2D electron gases at high magnetic fields (Local.pdf)

Integer Quantum Hall Effect: a bulk perspective (IQHE.pdf)

Seminars on Kondo physics in quantum dots:

Singlet-triplet transition in a single molecule transistor (C60.pdf)

Introduction to the Kondo effect (IntroKondo.pdf)

"Uphill flow" of the two-channel Kondo effect in quantum dots (2CK.pdf)

Mesoscopic quantum phase transitions (QPT.pdf)

Universal crossovers and critical dynamics of quantum impurity models (Pseudogap.pdf)

Coulomb blockade vs. Kondo effect in quantum dots (Unified_qdot.pdf)

Seminars on strongly correlated systems:

The slave rotor approach to the strong correlation problem (Slave_Rotor.pdf)

Transport signatures of the Mott transition in organic conductors (BEDT.pdf)