TOUPIE superfluid wind-tunnel
picture above : TOUPIE superfluid wind-tunnel (CAD drawing and picture)


Superfluid Turbulence : The TOUPIE experiment





TOUPIE wind-tunnel pictures



Main design characteristics


  • Liquid helium wind-tunnel, He-I and He-II compatible
  • Pressurized to avoid cavitation in He-I
  • Operation from 4K down to 1.1 K
  • test-section : straight pipe, 90-cm-long and diameter up to 9-cm


This experiment has been cooled down for the first time in July 2010.



Details views


Ligne de pompage DN160
Pumping line to Roots (DN160)
TOUPIE : the closed wind-tunnel
View of the Wind-tunnel
Bague d'instrumentation avec Pitot
Top-view of the Instrumentation-support ring,
with 3 cryogenic Pitot tube
Ventillateur cryogenique de TOUPIE
Cryogenic pump
optimized to drive liquid He
Elements du tableau de vannes
Part of the control pannel





This work is a collaboration with G. Garde (design, fabrication, coordination of assembling, cryogenic tests...), P. Chanthib (in particular for the challenging pumping lines), P.-L. Delafin, J. Depont, E. Ghiringheli, assisted by Pr Guillet and Pr Kueny (ENSE3) for optimisation of parts of the wind-tunnel (cryogenic pump, ...).



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For additionnal information, see

Energy cascade and the four-fifths law in superfluid turbulence
Salort J. , Chabaud, B., Leveque, E. and Roche P.-E.
EPL 97:34006 (2012)

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