CNRSNon-linear physics and Turbulence studies
non-linear physics and turbulence, CNRS, Grenoble [P.-E. Roche]

Opportunities / Offres de stages, Doctorats et Post-Doctorats

Our present topics of interest puts emphasis on "committed research" :

  • Environmental-crisis systemic modelling and simulations
  • Megafire experimental model system : prototype development
  • Quantum turbulence: theory, simulations and experiments
  • Low-Tech optimization of old low head hydropower
  • Nuclear meltdown accident : development of an experimental model system
  • Statistical data analysis

Depending on collaboration opportunities, we may propose short research projects on other topics such as the ultimate regime of natural convection, ultra intense turbulence, miniaturized instrumentation for hydrodynamics, low-tech student projects, cryogenic electronics and others topics exemplified by the list of previous internships and the list of previous PhD thesis in our group.

Every year, we train 2 students on topics without overlapping. We favour stays of at least 12 weeks, except when an extension into a PhD program is considered.

If you are interested by a stay in our group, please send your resume / CV and possible dates of your stay to . Any complementary information (list of attended courses, references,...) is welcome.

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