CNRSTurbulence studies with cryogenic helium
cryogenic helium turbulence group, CNRS, Grenoble [P.-E. Roche 2018]

Opportunities / Offres de stages, thèse et post-Doc

If you are interested by a stay in our group, please send your resume / CV and possible dates of your stay to . Any complementary information (list of attended courses, references,...) is welcome.

Topics include :

  • Ultra high Reynolds numbers experiment
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Quantum turbulence / Superfluid hydrodynamics (experiments and simulations)
  • Natural Convection / Rayleigh-Bénard ultimate regime of convection (experiments)
  • Micro-fabricated instrumentation / Nano-sensors (fabrication and/or testing)
  • FPGA electronics (programmation of ultra high dynamics and bandwidth controller)
  • Various cryogenic developments (1 K-10 K)

As examples, see the list of previous internships and the list of previous PhD thesis in our group.

Stage M2 / Thèse de Doctoral / PhD

2018/2019 :
Master 2 (M2) internship, followed by a PhD fellowship on Quantum Turbulence (2019-2022) are available. Some flexibility of the internship topic (e.g. see 2018_M2_Pince_en.pdf)

2018/2019 :
Nous souhaitons accueillir un stagiaire de M2, avec poursuite éventuelle en thèse sur la turbulence quantique (le financement est disponible). Plusieurs sujets de stage sont possibles sur les thématiques de Turbulence Quantique (2018_M2_Strouhal.pdf, 2018_M2_Pince.pdf), Très hauts nombres de Reynolds ou en Instrumentation.

Internships / Stages

Every year, we train 1 or 2 students on experimental, numerical or data-analysis topics. We favour stays of at least 12 weeks, except when an extension into a PhD program is considered.

Long-term internship / Stage-Long / Année de césure

We presently have financial support for long-term (6 months or more) internships of Master-level students or Engineer school students.

PostDoc / Engineer position

For up-to-date information, please contact us

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