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Nicolas Roch

Adress : 25 avenue des Martyrs
BP 166
38042 Grenoble Cedex 9
Office : Z 221
Phone : +33 4 56 38 71 77

I am a physicist working at the Neel Institute in Grenoble. I am a member of the QuantECA team.

The experiments I am developing aim at illustrating the quantum properties of nanostructured devices. I am focusing on superconducting quantum circuits where degrees of freedom such as the charge or the phase behave quantum mechanically.

These circuits are cooled down very low temperatures (few tenth of milliKelvin above absolute zero) using dedicated cryogenic technics such as dilution refrigerators. Moreover we are probing our devices using high frequency electronics (In the GigaHertz or microwave range). Thus we enter the quantum regime of electrical signals where the frequency is large compared to the working temperature. We can then speak about microwave photons and describe this electromagnetic radiation as light quantas.

By combining these circuits -the matter- and microwave photons -the light-, we can probe the light-matter interaction at a very fundamental level and with excellent control. These experiments can be viewed as the electrical dual of the ones usually performed in Atomic and Molecular Optics (AMO).


June 2020

Congratulations to Luca for his PhD defense! If you want to learn everything about TWPA, have a look at his thesis.

April 2020

Both RĂ©my's and Luca's papers were published in PRX!

November 2019

Seb's paper in Nature Communications! Check the publications section.

October 2019

Thibault Charpentier starts his PhD. He aims at understanding the physics of the Superconductor Insulator Transition combining a unique material (Indium Oxyde) and the cQED toolbox. Welcome Thibault!

August 2019

We receive our new dilution fridge. It features a very large experimental space at base temperature to allow experiments involving many qubits and quantum limited amplifiers. Have a look at the photo gallery

March 2019

Welcome to Arpit Ranadive, who just joined the team as a Phd candidate. Arpit will developp the next generation TWPA.

January 2019

We now have a new PhD graduate: congrats Remy for this very nice defense!

October 2018

Nicolas Gheeraert explained us all about "Quantum non-linearities of a qubit ultra-strongly coupled to a waveguide", his PhD work. Great defense Nicolas!

September 2018

Check our new paper explaining saturation effects in Josephson Parametric Amplifiers.

July 2018

Our paper presenting a detailed analysis of the Kerr non-linearity in a Josephson junctions chain is now available in the Publications section.

June 2018

Javier defended his Phd thesis. Congratulations doctor Puertas Martinez!

February 2018

Check the Publications section. Two new preprints are available.

September 2017

Welcome to Sebastien Leger! He will aim at observing many-body physics effects in superconducting circuits during his PhD.

October 2016

Luca Planat starts his PhD on Josephson Parametric Amplifiers (JPA), welcome Luca!

September 2016

Nicolas Gheeraert is awarded a Raman-Charpak Fellowship to join QuMac, the lab of Vijay, for an internship. Congratulations Nicolas!

September 2016

Pictures of the new lab are available, check the Photo Gallery section.

September 2016

Our review paper on quantum trajectories has just been published.

April 2016

Our paper on "Unexpectedly allowed transitions" in transmon qubits is now out. Have a look at the Publications section.

September 2015

Welcome to Remy Dassonneville who starts his PhD!

June 2015

Wanna know what is a quantum trajectory? Have a look at our new paper on the Arxiv.

April 2015

We are happy to welcome our new Phd student: Javier Puertas Martinez.

March 2015

Check our new paper about a Superconducting Quantum Node for Entanglement and Storage of Microwave Radiation!

January 2015

Our recent work on A V-shape superconducting artificial atom based on two inductively coupled transmons is now on the Arxiv.

March 2014

Our paper on measurement induced entanglement between remote superconducting quantum bits has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters and featured as a Viewpoint in Physics!

October 2013

After my post-doc in the quantum nanoelectronics lab at UC Berkeley, I am joining the Neel Institue!